SELECT, productname, AS pr_opt_id,p.model_no productmdl, brands, optionname, ROUND(((po.price*t.percentage/100)+po.price),2) AS actual_price, ROUND(((po.spl_price*t.percentage/100)+po.spl_price),2) AS specialprice,CONCAT('',im.image) as productimage, im.image as imag_prdct, AS cat_name, AS opt, AS cat_idd FROM product p LEFT JOIN brand b ON LEFT JOIN product_option_value po ON LEFT JOIN option_values ov ON LEFT JOIN options op ON = ov.option_id LEFT JOIN product_image im ON LEFT JOIN category cat ON LEFT JOIN tax t ON WHERE (p.category_id IN ('64','65') or p.category_id = '30') AND p.status = 1 AND po.price > 0 AND p.is_reward = 0 GROUP BY ORDER BY desc LIMIT 0,40